Grace Counselling Center

Grace Counselling Center

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April 9, 2022
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Grace Counselling Center Is Best Counselling Center in Kochi

The presence renowned and experienced psychologists makes counselling center one the most trusted counselling centers Kochi. group of psychologists him her psychological treatments and therapies.

The counselors Grace Counseling Center possess great experience of with the mental asylum including Asia, Africa, and America. The privilege their presence Grace Counseling enter makes people visit to relationships.

grace counselling

Grace's services include counselling for youth, advising on premarital and marital issues Divorce preventing And Divorce Recovery counselling is given to married therapies offered individuals suffering the stress and pain of a divorce or unhealthy marriage relationships Understanding people today's world are facing mental trauma on large scale from families, and relationships, Grace Counseling Center is with resolutions to spread happiness Youth teens with high mental tensions are treated here as per their psychology and in very rare cases only medication suggested.

Getting counselling therapy at Grace will sure help any individual get complete from their emotional over stress and mental confusion addition, mentoring, mind fasting and holistic healing services are offered Grace Counseling The center many well-known proficient psychologists for counselling and other therapies. demand these psychologists is increasing day by day due to the growing stress factors daily life. Even the reasons behind some health issues are mental stress. So, treating the person psychologically cure the physical issues sometimes.

Majority of people will get relief from Talking to the Counselor  because all they want maybe an ear to listen to them. After then, e person may change her or her attitude and behavior Counselling professionals can be a person back to their normal to a counseling centers as there in Kochi, but Grace Counseling Center deserves a place tops that because the experienced the people here are highly talented, practiced and sad With the effect counseling at Grace patients will sure get a fresh life with a positive beginning.

Competent Committed, Confidential, Consultant
Youth Counselling
Premarital counselling
Marriage & Family Counting
Divorce  Prevention/Recovery
Mind Fasting
Holistic Healing
About Dr. Alex Mathew Founder ALMS India
President Toc H Institutions
Chairman Faith Children's Home
Director: Grace Consulting India
Executive Secretary Toc H India
Trainer angel Of Mercy NIF


Long experience over 48 years in counselling in three continents Asia, Africa and America specialized in Youth Marital and Family problems.

Worked with the renowned Existential Psychologists Dr. Hans and Margarita Staub, Disciple, Thomas Hora in the Christian Conference and Training (CCT) center Dodoma, Tanzania.

Worked among the mentally challenged and addicts as a Group Therapist for 7 years in the mental asylum
MIREMBE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL in Dodoma Tanzania under the great Shree Lankan Psychiatrist Albert Williams and the Australian Psychologist Dr. Wells Harah.

Joined Grace Counseling India as its Vice president and serving that counselling ministry till date
Functions as the Honorary India director of ALM-International Since 1987 to date President of Kerala Counselors Forum for four years.

Founded a Society Agape Life Ministry and Services for FREE counselling of all deserving people from the poor echelon of the society in 1998.

Senior Visiting Faculty of A1 M International, Colorado, USA Leading Retreats and Seminars Ongoing Activities for 25 years.

1. Mentoring and holistic guidance with specifically designed and personalized counselling, at Grace Counseling Center, K.P Vallon Road, Kadavanthra
2. Teaching Resource person in TIST School of Education and Leadership imparting "Life Skills and Person hood development in Educational Institutions
3. Teaching Counseling in the final semester MBA
4. Retreat Master, leading Retreats and Spiritual talks in Christian groups Lead and participate in Forum for Higher Thinking and environmental issues.
5. Consultant Counselor, PNVM Hospital, Kochi, Since 1995
6. Founder President of Agape Life Ministry and Services - India a Charitable Christian Service Society doing Counseling, training, guiding directing help to the rejected and needy in the lower echelon of the society since 1999 till date. Do an average of 500 Counselling , 60 seminars and or workshops in Christian Counseling Speak in groups and write articles in Christian and secular journals
7. Past President, Grace Counseling India, a Christian Charitable Counseling Organization, Involved in regular training and counselling Since 1985 to date .
8. Create existential awareness and wholeness
9. Director Toc H Institute of Science and Technology and Toc H Public School with a total student population of 5000 especially responsible for the counselling and Ethics-training and mentoring personnel Teach counselling and Ethics at the Institute.
10. Chairman of Faith Children's Home situated in Kanayannur Village, taking care of the children of inmates of prisons in Kerala and ex prisoners, since mid-2008
11. Patron Cosmopolitan Residents Association, Kadavanthra Past
12. Group Therapist at Mirembe Hospital for mentally challenged persons Dodoma, Tanzania I worked here as volunteer in a part-time honorary capacity for eight years from 1976 to 1984 under famous Australian Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Hanna Wells
13. Learned Counselling under the mentor ship of the famous Swiss Existential Counselors Dr. Hans Staub and Margarita Staub from 1971 on wards till they left the Country in 1980.

Published Works

"Beyond Techniques an extensive treatise on the abiding principles of Christian Counseling (OM Authentic Books Hyderabad 2008)

"Making of a Christian Counselor the evolution of an ordinary person to be a healer

Regular Contributor to Harvest Times Light of life. Grace Counselor and flair Memberships

Member Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Chairman, faith Children's Home Agape Life Ministry and Services India

Abiding Life Ministries International Associate and India Director

Christian Medical Association of India-Life Member Association of Christian Therapists the USA

Gideon International- Life member

Grace Counseling India Life Member and past Vice President

Kerala Counselors Forum-Life member and Past President

President Toc H Institution

Toc H India-Executive Secretary Bible Society of India-Life Member

Prison Gospel Mission - Advisor

Friendly Centers of India- Life Member

YMCA-Life Member


Day to day life offers challenges causing many to be confused Most react in a hurry hoping to gain comfort but ending up in more confusion, trouble, and discomfort Traders in comfort lead the troubled through the maze of technologies, for a consideration. The personal mission of Dr. Alex Mathew is to lead the persons in confusion, trouble, and discomfort to the loving frame of mind that precedes healing of the whole person In short share the comfort I experience to those in all sorts of discomfort. That is all to the counselling I do and it works.


Counselling Centers,
Youth Counselling,
Premarital Counselling,
Marriage Counselling
Family Counselling
Divorce Prevention Counselling
Divorce Recovery Counselling,
Mentoring Counselling,
Mind Fasting Counselling,
Holistic Healing Counselling

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Health & Safety Measures:
  • Masks required
  • Staff wears gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Social distancing enforced
Additional Features:
  • Bike Parking
  • Car Parking
Contact Information
Mobile: +91 9447665024
Phone: +91 4842311891
Contact Person Name: Dr.Alex Mathew Ph.D, Th.D  FALMI, MACT
Address: Nilamel, K P Vallon Road, Kadavanthara, Ernakulam, Cochin -682020, Ernakulam, Kerala

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